Hammond L100

  • Two manuals of 44 keys each, 13 note pedal keyboard
  • Console is a completely self-contained console
  • Expression pedal for controlling the volume
  • All tones are produced by electro-magnetic tone generators and electrical amplified
  • 17 drawbars (9 for upper manual, 7 for lower manual, 1 for controlling the pedal volume)
  • 6 preset tabs (lower:drawbars, ensemble, upper:drawbars, trumpet, clarinet, full organ)
  • 4 percussion tabs for the upper manual(second harmonic, third harmonic, fast decay, percussion soft)
  • 3 vibrato tabs (normal, small, chorus), normal+small is wide
  • 2 tabs for reverb (I and II)
  • 2 tabs for organ mode (volume soft and brilliance
  • synchronous motor for the tone wheel runs at 1500rpm
  • Tone generator contains 87 tone wheels
  • Amplifier: AO-43, output: 15 watts, Vibrato AO-47
  • Speaker: 2 x 12" Treble: 014-024346, Bass: 014-024347 (1969 HEPPNER 12" Organ Tube Amp ALNICO Speaker, 16 Ohms)
  • wood: cherry
  • Dimension: Width 110.5, Height 113, Depth 58,5 cm
  • Power input: 220V, 50 Hz, 140 Watts
  • weight: 97.5kg
  • Produced: 1969 in Germany, Hamburg

The Hammond L100 is the small version of the old Hammond tonewheel-organs (Baby B3). With some little modifications the sound is close to the B3. This L100 is in a very good mind condition, completely cleaned and refurbished. How ever, it contains the original old Hammond-tubes (still good condition)

- Switch for Treble Boost (Normal, High Treble Boost, Upper Midrange and Treble Boost), gives more "Keyclick"
- Switch for Overdrive (Off, I, II) and Volumecontroller for the Overdrive-Level
- Output for external amplifier or headphone





Hammond L100


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