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IBM Mainframe 2066 (Z800) Processor

The processor-MCM of the IBM 2066br> includes 10 Chips (5 Cores, 2 L2-Cache-Chips)
Transistors: 690 million (44 million per Core, 237 per L2) Cores: 5
L1 Cache: 2.5MB (512KB per Core)
L2 Cache: 8 MB
Process: 18 nm
The IBM 2066 was a zSeries-System
Operating Systems: VSE,z/VM, z/OS


IBM 2066 (Z800) Processor-Board

Processor-Board with 16GB RAM


IBM Ficon- and Escon- Adapter

this are a Ficon- and Escon-Card from a IBM 2066 (Z800)


IBM 4381

IBM 4381 Mainframe P-13 Processor
This is a Part of the Processor-MCM from a IBM 4381.
The IBM 4381 was an IBM/370(XA)-System
maximal Memory: 64MB
68ns internal processor cycle time, 29 logic chips mounted
Operating Systems: VSE,VM/370, MVS/370


IBM 650 Tube

This is a tube from a very old IBM 650
The IBM 650 was together with die 700/7000er Series the first generation of mainframes


SMS-Card from IBM 7030

This is a SMS-Card (standard modular system) from a IBM 7030
SMS-Cards used from 1959 to 1964 for second-generation mainframes IBM 7000, IBM 1400 and IBM 1620
Card-Number is ERK 374494


SLT-Card from IBM/360

This is a SLT-Card (Solid Logic Technology) from a IBM/360
SLT-Cards used from 1964 to 1970 for the IBM/360-System


IBM/360 magnetic core memory

This is a magnetic core memory from a IBM/360
This module is a part from a 9-module-block
Every module of this blocks holds 16.000 Bits


IBM/370 MST-Card

This is a MST-Card (Monolithic System Technology) from a IBM/370
MST-Cards used from 1970 to 1975 for the IBM/370-System
Each MST chip holds about 5 circuits and is the approx equivalent of an SLT card.


IBM/370 Memory-Card

This is Memory-Card from a IBM/370
This Module is a MST-Card used from 1970 to 1975 for the IBM/370-System
6 Transistors/Bit, 2048Bits/Chip, One Card holds 32KB
FRU-Number 8238212


IBM/370 Memory-Card

The IBM 3081/4381 ceramic boards were held in a TCM (Thermal Conduction Module)


IBM 3705-Panel

This is a old Panel from a IBM 3705-Communication-Controller for IBM/360- and IBM/370-Systems
Its purpose is to connect communication lines to the mainframe channel,
connection of Systems Network Architecture (SNA) devices to a mainframe.
Operationsystem ACF/NCP Version 3
maximu RAM 512KB
The 3705 was replaced by the 3720 and 3725. The 3745 was similar but not entirely compatible


IBM Punch Card Reader/Checker

Manually Reader/Checker for IBM 80-column punched cards


IBM Bus/Tag-Cable

Short IBM Bus/Tag-Cable. Late version from IBM ES/9000
The parallel channel is one of the oldest interfaces to a mainframe. It was introduced to the mainframe in the 1960s. The parallel channel (also called an S/370 I/O interface) uses two cables called bus and tag.


IBM 3590 (Magstar) Head

Head from a Tapedrive IBM 3590 (Magstar).
The IBM 3590 is a series of tape drives. They can store up to 60 GB of data (uncompressed).


IBM 3420 Tape

IBM 9 track tape. Here from a IBM 3420, written with 6250 CPI.